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we are a full-cycle eggs production farm where “quality” is our utmost importance for over 60 years in business.

Sanguan Farm is a pioneer in egg industry in Thailand for more than 60 years. Situated in Nongdon district, Saraburi province, Sanguan Farm is an only egg farm in Thailand who raises a unique breed of layer hens. Our specialized feed consists of all-natural ingredients without hormones, antibiotics and chemical residue.

All eggs in our farm are selenium enriched, washed and coated with biological substances to seal freshness and sterilized with ultraviolet light. We use state-of-the-art machine from Japan to weigh and to sort defective eggs. Temperature controlled trucks are used in our delivery system to ensure the quality and freshness.

Our layers “Thai brown”: Sanguan farm is the only industrial level egg farm in Thailand who do not use imported layer breed from overseas. Instead, we raise and develop our layers, “Thai Brown” from Department of Livestock Development.

This local breed is strong and able to adjust to Thailand’s climate and is immuned to endemic diseases as opposed to imported breeds. Without having to use hormone and antibiotics, Sanguan farm continuously produces hygiene eggs all year round.

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健康増進のための 衛生的で新鮮な卵です。


All of our eggs are fortified with organic selenium. Through cleaning And coated with biological substances to preserve freshness, weight with a modern standard egg sorter and send the eggs to you by temperature controlled transport vehicles.

egg grading and quality control facility

Under these strenuous processes, only good quality eggs will be stored and transported through temperature-controlled facility and vehicles and ready to be delivered to customers.

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Fresh eggs are collected from farm, sorted according to weights and quality under high standard of GMP, HACCP and Q-mark (hygienic eggs).

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Eggs are washed and cleaned with soft brush to eliminate residue or dirt on the shells. Then they will be coated with biological substances to seal freshness.

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Computerized system is used to check for crack and abnormalities. Sterilized by ultraviolet light, eggs are packaged according to their sizes.

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Standard laying hens farm accredited by the Department of Livestock: Sanguanfarm is accredited for good agricultural practice for Laying hens farm (GAP) from the Department of Livestock Development Certificate No. 02 22 06902 19080020 000

We raise laying hens in closed houses with a Evaporative Cooling system with adequate temperature control and ventilation. We have fully automatic feeding and water and we also have a strict supervision of the welfare of the hens and bio security controls under the supervision of animal husbandry and farm veterinarians.

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