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Selenium is a vital mineral for human health. Although our body doesn’t need a lot of selenium, when combined with protein, it creates “selenoprotein” which is an important antioxidant enzyme. Selenoprotein helps prevent damages from free radical which is a result of our metabolic process using oxygen in human body. Free radical can cause illnesses like cancer or heart disease. Moreover, selenoprotein helps regulate hormone from thyroid glands and the immune system.

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Functions of selenium in human body

Works with vitamin E in protecting skin and anti-aging process. Boosts the work of vitamin E healing tissues and prolonging the life cycle of human cells as well as skin elasticity.

Reduces the risk of heart disease. Help heart function with better oxygen flow.

Reduces the risk of cancer. Regular intake of selenium help reduce skin cancer, especially the type that caused by chemical substance & sunlight.

Boosts immune system. The antioxidant property of selenium helps restore immune system cells.

Has anti-toxin property. Selenium helps prevent our body from absorbing radioactive material and heavy metals such as mercury, silver, cadmium and Thallium.

Helps with reproductive functions. Selenium helps protect cell wall and improve sperm quality.

Promotes normal body growth, eyesight, skin and hair.

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At Sanguan Farm, we administer selenium in form of organic feed additives (Selenomethionine) which is safe and most effective. This makes our eggs containing higher selenium than other brands of eggs in the market and having enough selenium for daily consumption. Therefore, selenium enriched eggs might be another choice for health conscious consumers. Each and every egg that is collected from our farm will go through cleaning process using warm water and soft brush to clean residues from the shells. Then they will be coated with biological substance to seal freshness. Computerized system is used to detect cracks and abnormalities in the eggs. Sterilized by ultraviolet light, eggs are packaged according to their sizes under GMP, HACCP and Q-Mark (hygiene eggs) standard and delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles with 24 hours after being laid. We administer regular lab inspection for level of selenium in the eggs, harmful microorganism, and dangerous residue. Through these intricate processes, we ensure that consumers will get high quality selenium enriched eggs from our farm.

ได้รับการรับรองระบบประกันคุณภาพภายใต้มาตรฐาน (Quality Assurance Standards Certified)

*Partial revenue from selenium enriched eggs under “The Good Egg Co.” will be given to “Thailand Breast Cancer Community”

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