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Cage free eggs are eggs produced from hens that are not being caged under animal welfare practice, have freedom in expressing natural behavior such as searching for food on the ground, perching, flapping their wings and laying eggs in the nest. All these behaviors cannot be displayed if the hens are kept in a small cage. In cage free environment, hens have better living condition, less stress and are healthier which in turns reduce the need of using antibiotics and other chemical substances in farming. Caged egg production system in industrial level egg farming cannot provide these needs for the hens. Thus, cage free eggs are an option for consumers who concern about animal welfare.

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Our layer hens are raised in an evaporative cooling system housing to ensure bio safety standard. Temperature, humidity, and ventilation are controlled appropriately. Water and high nutritional level feed are administered according to breed and age of chicken using automatic system. Our chicken housing offers clean and separate nest boxes for hens to freely lay their eggs at anytime. There are roosts for hens to perch on to relax and to perform their natural behaviors. According to scientific study in animal behavior, the needs to express natural behaviors of the hens under the care of animal husbandry and farm veterinarian make our hen better living quality and improve level of food safety to match international standard.

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Every cage free egg, after being collected from our farm, will go through cleaning process using warm water and soft brush to clean residues from the shells. Then they will be coated with biological substance to seal freshness. Computerized system is used to detect cracks and abnormalities in the eggs. Sterilized by ultraviolet light, eggs are packaged according to their sizes under GMP, HACCP and Q-Mark (hygienic eggs) standard and delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles with 24 hours after being laid. We administer regular central lab inspection for harmful microorganism, and dangerous residue. Through these intricate processes, we ensure that consumers will get high quality cage free eggs from our farm.

ได้รับการรับรองระบบประกันคุณภาพภายใต้มาตรฐาน (Quality Assurance Standards Certified)

Partial revenue from cage eggs under “The Good Egg Co.” will be given to “Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand”

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